The Planet of the Aliens Essay

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Welcome to the totally terrific planet Totata-Limmigama. Totata is not only a mere planet but a home. The home to the very, shall we say, sweet, Candy Survivors. The Candy Survivors are a different kind of race. They live with different history, beliefs, culture, and most of all... a different look. They all have heads, but not just any normal head, their heads are made out of any type of singly wrapped, circle candy pieces. It can be anywhere from peppermint disks to butterscotch disks. With the wrapper edges being their ears, they are able to hear up to thirty or fifty, if they are lucky, miles away. Their wrapper ears even allow them to fly their way to any crazy place they can imagine. Four eyes you may think is crazy but it …show more content…

On the back of their body right where the legs pop out from there is one piece of licorice which is their tail. This is where they pee out of chocolate nesquick milk. In the inside and right smack dab in the middle of their head is the candy hearts used to tell if other Candy Survivors are lying to them or not. The only vital body part the Candy Survivors need is their eyeball on the back of their head. Without this one eyeball the Candy Survivors could not survive. This one eyeball is the only way to pump Oreo stuffing through their stuffing stream. A stuffing stream is just as it sounds like, a stream of stuffing that runs through the top of their head all the way to the end of their legs keeping them alive all day long. With all this super special sweetness in one planet there has to be a story to how this lovely planet was created. That is exactly what there is. One day on Earth, the government decided obesity was running everybody's lives and they needed to do something about it. They gathered up all the candy and sweets taking it all to the edge of Earth. Then as a group effort they threw all the things off the edge of the earth. The candy and sweets floated off into space but caught some of the human cells and took them with them. After a few days of floating five of the lollipops started to grow bigger and bigger. When they became ginormous they grew eyes and mouths and everything else.

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