The Platform Of Differentiated Instruction

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Platform to Differentiated Instruction It is an instructor’s job to ensure students’ progress in their knowledge and abilities of the cirriculum by focusing on standards they must master throughout the school year. It is well known in the education world that successful teachers take time to know their students and develop well thought out lesson plans that consider their students individual needs as the focal point of design. Instructional scheme in a differentiated classroom is achieved through four main criteria: content, student interest, classroom environment, and instructional procedure. Differentiated instruction is a feasible strategy when considering the variety of learners in a typical classroom. Getting to Know Your Students/ Build Community In the TeacherTube video, Inclusion and Differentiated Instruction: Teachers in the Movies Do It Too, Hansen (2013) claimed, “Get to know your students” and “build community” as the top 2 steps in differentiated instruction. Knowing how to differentiate student learning first comes through knowing students interests, hobbies, and learning abilities. In any relationship, people grow and develop when trust, safety, understanding, and individual needs are established. These factors hold true in teacher student relationships as well. Students are more apt to immerse themselves in learning activities when they feel they are listened to and seen for their individual contributions and abilities. Building community as

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