The Play ' Destiny Without Being Confused '

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Imagine trying to finish algebra homework and not knowing where to even start. That is what it is like to play the video game Destiny without knowing how to play first. This video-game is a very large and complicated game to start. Going into the game blind can leave someone confused and angry. This paper is going to explain how to efficiently play Destiny without being confused. When someone first loads up Destiny, they must choose from three characters to begin the game. There are three character slots as well, so they can make on of each kind of character or three of the same kind of character. The possibilities are almost endless. The three characters to choose from are a titan, a warlock, and a hunter. All three characters are really…show more content…
That person can then level up this vendor by completing bounties, quests, playing the crucible, completing strikes, or completing quests that are assigned to the player throughout the game. The xp that levels up this vendor is called vanguard reputation. Strikes are just missions with a bigger boss to kill at the end, and the crucible is just player vs player kind of like Halo. The level system in destiny is kind of weird but simple. The player must race to level twenty to equip better armor such as legendary and exotic armor and weapons. When the player hits level twenty, they can no longer level up from doing bounties and completing missions, but they can now level up their light by putting on legendary or exotic armor. Weapons do not count towards your light level, so it does not matter what weapons the player has equipped; however, it is best to use legendary or exotic weapons over any type of blue weapon because they do a ton more damage to enemies. Once the player reaches light level twenty-six, they get access to the normal Vault of Glass raid. When the player has acquired the raid helmet, gauntlets, chest piece, and boots, they can then upgrade that armor by turning in bounties while the gear is equipped. Once the player has obtained the highest light possible from completing the Vault of Glass, which is thirty, they can then get access to the Crota’s End
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