The Pluralistic View : Is Jesus The Only Savior?

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Krishni Ryland
THEO 313-D04
Book Analysis
30 November 2015
The Pluralistic View: Is Jesus the Only Savior?
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
Is Jesus really the only Savior for the whole world? Some may find this ludicrous. How does one man save an entire creation? In addition to that, the only way for one to be saved is to go through Him. On the other hand if you were to ask any Christian this question, of course the answer would be “yes, Jesus is the only Way.” As for those who may think otherwise and believe that Jesus is not the only way, in which Ronald Nash the author of Is Jesus the Only Savior touch on the theory and belief of John Hick who believes that there are many ways to salvation. Nash concentrated on three issues that has been debated and still is being debated today that divides religious thinkers; that is exclusivism, pluralism, and inclusivism. Nash wanted to see whether or not pluralism succeeded in developing a strong case against exclusivism to lead people to abandon their teachings of Jesus Christ. This paper will focus on pluralism and the argument against it. Nash develops a clear cut argument that favors the Biblical position of it being only one way to salvation.
Nash presented the many different assessments of Hick’s belief in pluralism. Starting with Hick’s being the self-proclaimed “radical” who was developing an improved system of pluralism and later to his adoption of

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