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The main purpose of the podcast is to propose a board question, “Who is an American?”. The podcast was hosted by Maria Hinojosa who tells five different stories from an interview with a famous actor experience in an internment camp during World War II to the elections of 2016 which all revolve around the idea of being an American. In the first story centers on the life of Japanese American actor George Takei, who has firsthand experience of being the enemy in a land he calls home. Throughout the interview he described his experience in the camp and his parent. The older he got, the more he understood about their circumstances. “When I became a teenager I was reading civic books, history books and reading about the shinning ideals of our…show more content…
This in turn has caused many writers to come to the U.S to seek a better life without fear of being persecuted because of their criticisms of their home government. In Pittsburg, Pennsylvanian a nonprofit called City of Asylum allows writers who are exiled from their home country to seek refuge in the U.S (Hinojosa,2016). One writer they focus on named Israel Centeno, who is from Venezuela escaped his country do to his writings about the government. They also explain how many have trouble incorporating life in an America which is very distinct from their own home. The idea of “Who is an American” is presented in a different way where many of the people see the U.S as a safe haven and can express themselves. The next story deals directly to the question of identity in the U.S is a 28-year-old man named Tom Molina-Duarte who was born in Costa Rica from Afro Costa Rican. He was adopted by a white family in the U.S. He explains his journey of understanding himself and his view on being an American. In Hinojosa podcast, Molina-Duarte explains “I told my parents in changing my name because I want to have a more authentic representation of who I am” (Hinojosa, 2016). He decided to change his name and he also explains his experience of facing racism. The last story looks at the political turmoil that has risen in recent years due to outspoken politicians like Donald Trump. Maria Hinojosa sits down with three other people to talk about

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