The Poem ' Merry Go Round ' By Langston Hughes

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In the poem, Merry-Go-Round by Langston Hughes, the first line exhbits a child asking the question, “Where is the Jim Crow section?” ( Hughes, 1). This line refers to the Jim Crow of the South that was established during the late 1800s to the 1960s. After the Civil War, freed slaves were given opportunities to become real class citizens. Many White Southerners did not like the fact that freed slaves were given the same rights as them and were using the same facilities, too. The name Jim Crow was created by a minstrel show performer from New York named Thomas D. Rice. Rice would wear “tattered clothing, burnt cork, and blackface mask” to disguise himself as poor Black person (Huser & Sanders). He was supposedly imitating a black slave dancing, who he had met one day. His show, which imitated and perpetrated stereotypes of black people, became very popular with White people of the North and South. White people started believing these stereotypes about Black people and used it to justify how superior they were (Huser& Sander). Jim Crow law was a form of a racial caste system that was common throughout the Southern part of the United States (Pilgrim, p1). Jim Crow laws helped settle the “separate, but equal” belief on public facilities such as restrooms, restaurants, and schools for both Black and White citizens. Even though the laws said, “separate but equal,” a lot of time the public facilities for black citizens were subpar. The narrator of this poem is

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