The Poem ‘Mother To Son’ By Langston Hughes First Published

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The poem ‘Mother to Son’ by Langston Hughes first published in 1922 and ‘The Road not Taken’ by Robert Frost have a number of similarities. These poems are parables in which experienced people give advice about life choices. In both poems, the personas were initially in some trouble in life but they currently have no remorse for the way they made choices and lived. Also, both poems have a moral lesson that life may not always be easy but at the end, the choices that people make will determine their destiny. However, the poems are considerably different in their writing style, diction, the point of view, tone and imagery. This essay aims to compare and contrast the two poems. Though having similarities in the theme and use of symbolism and …show more content…

He, however, chose the road that was less favorable to people. This road represents a road of hard work or integrity since majority of people love short cuts to life. In the end, the speaker is not only relieved but also proud that he took that road. He says ‘I shall be telling this with a sigh’ (Frost 16). The reason for him telling the story is to give advice because he is proud of the decision that he made.
Also, Hughes and Frost both use symbolism and imagery to bring out the picture about life. For Hughes, the stairs symbolize the life- life that has been lived through pressing on because of the difficulties and uncertainties involved. The mother symbolizes the old generation of people who are experienced and their role in giving advice. The old generation is familiar with life challenges that the younger generation, symbolized by the son, are undergoing. They provide hope for the young generation. The dark corners without light symbolize times of uncertainties, the corner symbolizes changes experienced in life, and the climbing symbolizes difficult situations requiring extra effort and so on. Reading through the poem a person can easily picture the life that the speaker lived.
Conversely, Frost also uses symbolism in his poem. The divergent roads that emerge as the persona is traveling symbolize a dilemma in life. The persona needed to make a tough choice in life for it was impossible to live a double life.

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