The Poem The Nettles Poem

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Nettles This poem is an account of the day the poet’s son got stung when he fell into a bed of nettles and his reaction to that. It shows the poets paternal instincts and his sense of duty to protect his young son. This poem is a singular paragraph, flowing organically and its lack of punctuation and multiple run on sentences which show us that’s it's the poets chain of thoughts. At the first glance, the poem seems simple, however as you analyze it many of its layers are uncovered. The title of this poem itself seems simple and direct. However, ‘nettles’ are the antagonist in this poem, and therefore by naming it the readers realize that the poet is focusing on the most important thing to him at that time, which are the nettles and how he wants to destroy them. More important are the lessons learnt than hardships the poet faced while eradicating them and also more important than …show more content…

He sharpened his weapons and headed out to destroy the nettle bed. The poet’s only focus at that time was completely eradicating the nettle bed, so he “slashed in fury with it”, slowly releasing his anger, making the process cathartic. The poet continued his military metaphor and kept attacking the nettles until “not a nettle in that fierce parade stood upright”, and then to destroy the nettle bed completely once and for all he “lit a funeral pyre to burn the fallen dead” yet again comparing these nettles to soldiers. Until now this entire battle between the poet and the nettle bed seemed entirely one sided and the readers were sure that the poet would emerge victorious, as there wasn’t a single nettle left. Not only had the poet slashed them but he had burnt them too. However, just like the poet the reader too had underestimated the power of nature. The poet was arrogant to believe that he could destroy nature with his weapon, however, he forgot that nature was

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