The Poetry Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most renowned poets to ever live. He has written many great and classic poems such as “The Raven”, “Annabel Lee”, and “A Dream Within a Dream”. Poe grew up with his foster parents and many people believe that this is what led him to write his poems, many people also say that his poems are often too dark. Poe was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston. He had a brother and a sister and by the time Poe was three, they lost their mother to consumption and their father left them shortly after. His siblings were split up into different families and he was taken in by The Allans. He would later adopt Allan as his middle name. Though they never adopted Poe, they treated him as if they did. As Poe grew up, however, …show more content…

He moved with Virginia and her mother to New York where he found another job and excelled greatly once again. He eventually got fired again and it was becoming a pattern that he couldn’t keep a job for more than two years. His wife, Virginia, who had been very supportive and important to him, died in 1847 due to consumption. Poe not only started to become overwhelmed with grief but continued to produced incredible work. Poe returned to Richmond in 1849 with his now-widowed childhood friend and they were to be married. Poe went back to get his mother-in-law, Clemm. He stopped on the way in Baltimore and nobody knows exactly what happened but he was found near a saloon and died 4 days later in the hospital. It is not hard to see the connection between Poe’s life and his publications. Most of his poems were about people losing their love or just death in general. Between his time in the army, the loss of his mother, the loss of his wife, and the disapproval of his adoptive father, Poe had seen and experienced more death than usual in one’s lifetime. He lost the love of his life only thirteen years after marrying her and decided to remember her by writing these poems. Although it is obvious most of his poems are about the loss of Virginia, it is often thought that some of his poems were about the loss of his mother or even, the loss of the relationship with his adoptive father told through the loss of a lover. Poe’s publications were mostly well

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