The Political System Of America

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The political system in this country is heavily influenced by special interests that undermine what is beneficial to society. When the corporate agenda meets politics, profit takes priority. There is a mutual desire between politicians and businesses to maintain power. Getting re-elected and achieving donor’s goals just like a company does for its share-holders. The governments job is to protect the rights of those with different interests, not to give rights to an entity, making it equal to people. There is a conflict of interest between the profit driven corporate world and the public welfare. Politicians are frequently offered financial benefits for favors, large donations influence decision making. Those relationships are really unhealthy to the political process and the power of the people. When money controls politics, all anyone would have to do is control the money. The founding fathers had a fear of central banks due to the history of banks devaluing currency by inflation and deflation. Thomas Jefferson feared the power that central bank could gain, and claimed it was unconstitutional. Jim Marrs, a political researcher, reminds us of Jefferson’s feelings, “To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power” …” banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies” (Marrs, The Trillion-dollar Conspiracy, 61).1 They knew a central bank is against the interest
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