The Political Party System

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In the United States of America, the political party system is pivotal to the function of our nation. The political party system in our society today is separated between the Democrats and the Republicans. Although political parties do possess uncertainties their advantages outweigh their drawbacks in America. The United States of America is made up of two basic political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. A political party is a group of individuals who share similar interest and they work together with one another to construct and execute policies. The Democratic Party was established in 1828, by Andrew Jackson. The Democratic Party was created based on a belief in an unyielding government and an advocacy of social and …show more content…

There are copious Americans who believe that the political party system is shattering our nation. In my opinion, our nation would not be the nation we are today without political parties. Other than presenting candidates and electoral campaigns to the electorate, political parties perform innumerable tasks to better the United States of America. They serve as institutionalized mediators between our society and duly elected representatives who are responsible for determining and executing legislations. They seek public policy priorities and civic needs and concerns identified by their affiliates and supporters. Political parties educate the people on how the political, electoral system, and general political values work. By doing so, voters are well informed of each party’s stance on specific matters. They also inspire individuals to participate in political decisions and turning their outlooks into policy options for all. Unlike other countries, America is a democratic nation we want our people to freely voice their thoughts and support the party who shares their interest and perspectives. In addition, political parties help to annihilate any unexpected shifts in political trends that hold the ability to disrupt the balance of our government. As we all know our nation is a two -party system that assist in advocating stability in the government, because there will only ever be two …show more content…

The nation is aware of the benefits political parties hold, and they are also are aware of their hindrances. Numerous Americans oppose the political party system, because of their potential to negatively hinder our society. They disagree with the system so much that they would rather see the political party system abolished than see it reformed. I understand fully that the political party system has their issues. For instance, our political party system does not offer equality for all parties. In our society, our party system operates under the two-party system, if we had three or more parties running they would not have a fair chance. We only examine are two leading political parties in our ballots. The system lacks equality which can be extremely unsetting to voters who support the less popular parties. We are known as the land of equal opportunity, yet we contradict ourselves. In addition, political parties can be selfish and they do not always focus on what is beneficial to our nation as a whole. Political parties will focus on their interest and their end goals that will only benefit them. The list goes on but I do not believe abolishing the party system is the answer. Abolishing the political party system would be to extreme, but I do believe the party system needs to be reformed. Instead of parties receiving funds from wealthy corporations there should be

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