Republican Party Typology

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The American political system is always susceptible to change. In recent decades, the United States has experienced an increase in political polarization between the two parties. These extreme views resonate with the Americans that sit at the tips of the ideological spectrum, but the majority of people have more moderate ideologies. Most fall in between the two extremes, holding different combinations of social and economic values that make it difficult to place each person on the traditional linear spectrum. To further analyze voters, a political typology of the United States can be conducted, which further sorts voters into more connected groups based on their attitudes and values. This data has proven to be crucial for political parties when determining what policies to include in their platform, because recent general elections have revealed that the undecided vote plays a large role in determining the winner. In order to maximize the amount of voters the Republican Party receives in the general election, the party must incorporate values and policies in their platform that attracts the maximum amount of moderate voters, without drifting too far away from traditional Republican values to ensure the retention of the constituency. This can be achieved by adopting new policies on abortion, alternative energy, unauthorized immigrants, and In order to properly analyze the data collected by a typology, one must first understand how each of the different groupings is composed.

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