The Politics Of The Middle Class Essay

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reform was mounted by an alliance that brought together wealthy industrialists and other members of the upper class, but moved beyond to well-educated members of the middle class, as well as middle class voters. Reformers aimed to break down the political organization that thrived on immigrant votes and claimed to break down the corrupt government that thrived on the public’s purse. Concerns about political corruption were closely connected to the rising fear of immigrants notably, the “Great Unwashed”. They wanted to make local government more efficient and accountable for the tastes and preferences of the middle class. Unlike most machine bosses and their followers who had little formal education, many reformers were upper-class wealthy industrialists. The strong contrast between the educational background, class status, and interests of the reformers and political machines contribute to reasons for why there seems to be a struggle for power with the reformers representing the upper class and the, political machines representing the working-class and immigrants. In addition to the basis for their formation, the legislature that had been put in place by the reformers is not only proof of this struggle for power, but also further disadvantaged the working class and empowered the upper class. Reformers initiated several positive reforms to change the patronage system of government, but many of them had repercussions that adversely affected working class citizens. To combat
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