The Popularity Of Christopher Columbus, And The Columbus Day

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Angel Cordova
3 November 2017
Essay 3
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The New Light
The federal holiday, Columbus Day, has brought about its own uniqueness amongst many Americans. Generations of schoolchildren were instructed to read or watch videos that claimed Columbus was the founder of America. He was known as an explorer, navigator, and a colonizer. Now, Christopher Columbus is no longer portrayed as the hero he once was. Over many years, there has been a series of stories told by others, and a proof of documentation found to reveal information about his life, famous voyages, and the multicultural movement.
The birthday of Christopher Columbus remains unknown to this day. He was presumed born between August 26 and October 31, 1451, in Genoa, Italy (Flint). In his thirties, when his ship was wrecked, he managed to grab a wooden oar and reach the shore in Portugal (Cavendish). He returned to Spain in 1504 after his last voyage (Cavendish). Columbus had been arrested years prior to accusations of tyranny and brutality toward native peoples of the Americas. But he was released by King Ferdinand after six weeks in prison. He was subsequently denied most of the profits of his discoveries promised to him by Ferdinand and Queen Isabella (Wanjek). Columbus was fifty-three and in deprived well-being. He was living comfortably, economically speaking, in an apartment in Valladolid, Crown of Castile, in present-day Spain, albeit in pain from severe arthritis (Wanjek). He is now suspected to

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