The Popularity of Commedia dell'arte

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Commedia dell'arte is an improvisational style of theatre which began in the 15th century Italy and kept its popularity then flourished in Europe for 200 years until the late 18th century. If we translate Commedia Dell'arte into English it would be ''the comedy of professional players'' or ''comedy of Arts''. The word ''arte'' means ''profession'' so the actors must have been professional in order to work on a stage. It had some other names which they show its nature and features better when we try to read them like; Commedia alla Maschera (comedy of masks), Commedia Improvisso (Improvisation comedy). The core of this comedy was performance or skill of actors on the stage. This style of theatre was based on the actor rather than playwright. Commedia Dell'arte had no scripts but it had a few paintings on the stage. Characters used different types of mask for the purpose of offering more fun to the audiences. There were some reasons why started to use masks in this theatre. Originally they used masks for identifying the characters on the stage, recognizing characters and remind them to audiences what they were doing and to improve character's skills. Therefore they used masks to show to audience better and unique performance on the stage. There were stock masks, costumes even specific character's features and their names. They also used music at the end of each act even audiences have joined. Everything depended on the performance of actors because there was

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