The Population Data Used For A Community Health Centre

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Methods Setting The population data used for the modelling was obtained from a Community Health Centre in Kensington, an inner-suburb of Melbourne which provides health services predominantly to migrant communities. Studies of cardiovascular disease in migrants in Australia have included mostly participants of European and Mediterranean origin and shown that they have lower rates of cardiovascular diseases,17 18 compared to the Australian-born populations. The small amount of available data among migrants in Australia from Africa and the Middle East suggest that these newly arrived migrants have a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors.19 Data collection Electronic medical records of the centre were accessed. Data was collected pertaining to age, sex, migrant status, country of origin, most recent total and HDL cholesterol levels, status of diabetes and smoking, vitamin D level and blood pressure of individuals who were vitamin D deficient and free from CVD while maintaining the patient anonymity. Inclusion and exclusion criteria Adult (19-99 years) migrants (African origin) who visited the medical centre at least once during the period from 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2012 (three years) were included in the study. The information in the last visit was used from those who visited more than once during the specified period. Data cleaning was undertaken to get the most appropriate sample for the purpose. (Figure 1) Model development A Markov model
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