The Portrayal Of African Americans Essay

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How has the image of Africans develop from being savages to being portrayed as more human individuals? In other words, in what ways has the roles of African reversed over time? Refer to five or more of the assigned readings to support your assertions.
A stereotype can be defined as a “representational practice” that categorizes and segregates an individual or group of individuals based on their differences, often associating him/her with a positive or negative label, such as, by outcasting an individual based on their racial and ethnic backgrounds (Hall 225). The image of Africans as savages is a common stereotype seen in American and European films that show Africans as barbaric and primitive creatures. Specifically in these films, a savage is an African who is constantly portrayed and characterized as a worthless, lazy, blood-thirsty, cannibalistic beast “who probably deserves to die” (158). This is because Africans don’t fit the stereotypical cookie-cutter mold of what the directors consider “normal” (i.e. being a great white hunter), and therefore, they are immediately seen as insignificant and worthless individuals (158). Over time, as African produced films start forming an appearance in Hollywood, the perception of Africans slowly changes. In part because African directors represent their race as lead characters who are independent and smart. Africans are no longer seen as savage creatures, but instead, as actual human beings who crave to have their voice heard in the

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