Themes Of The African Americans Essay

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The history of the African-Americans is full of struggles, but the heroic acts of many great figures, institutions, and organizations made it possible to overcome the struggles. Facing and overcoming the struggles both portrayed many themes. Among the various themes, integrationism, black nationalism, and transformationalism were the three main themes portrayed throughout the history of the African-Americans even from the beginning of slavery. The integrationism theme simply refers to the united bond the African-Americans formed in order to face the struggles. The black nationalism can mean simply as the separate racial status and ability of the African-Americans, especially in that period of the time. And lastly, transformationalism signifies the social and political change in the African-Americans throughout the history. Although, there were few circumstances that made these themes to be appeared as a conflict, they actually complimented each other for the most part. The evidences flow throughout, as the various organizations and great figures not only represent, but also adhere to these ideologies. Not only that the evidences point out who or what supported or adhered to these ideologies, but also explicitly portray how and why they supported or adhered to these ideologies. Nevertheless, even though, there are countless example of people and organizations that adhered to these ideologies, people like Booker T. Washington, W.E.B Du Bois, Marcus Garvey and organizations
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