The Positive Benefits Of Pornography

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The seemingly main reason there is such a growth in pornography is because almost everyone and everything in the world reacts and relates to sex. People are captivated with sex and are excited to see something new or something they have not seen before. People are always looking for a version of sex that is new or more different than the norm. This is soaring the pornography industry to grow one step further in order to keep up with the demand.
Furthermore, pornography materials are available in many ways and methods. Debates have been made of the positive benefits of pornography for both men and women.
MacKinnon(1981),claims that if pornography is part of a person 's sexuality, then that person has no right to their sexuality. Women who enjoy pornography claim that they are offended by these kinds of attitudes, and want it recognized that they get more out of pornography than oppression. As writer Sallie Tisdale writes, "pornography tells me the opposite [of what Dworkin and MacKinnon tell me]: that none of my thoughts are bad, that anything goes. The message of pornography is that our sexual selves are real." (Strossen, 1995). (Albee, 2002)
Ethics Pornography is a social problem and is a commodity brought into existence by certain characteristics of a highly developed civilization. The problem with pornography is that any form of censorship or downplay cannot solve it. It is difficult to draw the line between ones right to express their ideas and or opinions or sexuality

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