The Positive Impacts of Events During the 18th Century

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In the 18th century a lot happen but major socialist movements such as equal rights for African Americans, women's rights and emancipation, focus on the environment and focus of new culture all began to create positive impact’s for social America at the time. Underdeveloped societies lack modern technology needed to advance further in the future. For example where would we be today without a computer to use everyday, probably still handwriting in cursive our papers and notes for school and work. In addition the social barrier it broke, imagine if we had no social networks or information forums, or even internet to use, that could have set back our society for years. When Great Britain, United States, Germany, and France viewed Asia and Africa as a source of raw materials they took advantage of that so that they could keep there new western industrial society fueled. What they didn't realize was that by exploiting these resources it would collapse the local culture that was there before mass manufacturing. One major influence from the West that contributed to the threat and fall of Qing china was when the first ships arrived on Chinas coast they brought new ideas of revolutionary change and different values. The second major influence to the decline was there increase of population without land to support more agriculture. The third major influence was The Opium war which devastated China.
The treaty of Versailles was a success to the allies because of the

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