The Poverty Rate Of Texas Children

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“The fact that our poverty rate is increasing is something that I think is very alarming to those of us who care very much about the health and welfare of children and see the investment in children as really the future of Texas,” said Beth Quill, executive director of Children’s Defense Fund Texas. This goes to show basically a full quarter of Texas children are poor based on these statistics. Poverty is very important because these children are the future of this world. Children who are born into poverty are more likely to live in poverty and less likely to have consistent employments as adults. To prevent this from happening there are 3 solutions that I have done extensive research on to make this happen. Therefore these solutions consist of raising the minimum wage, expanding Medicaid and reforming the way the criminal justice system works. Based on the statistics of Poverty on Texas, I concluded that the poverty rate of Texas children is 7.5% points higher than the poverty rate of the total Texas population. At the age of less than 18 years old, 25% of the children in Texas are dealing with poverty. The poverty rate for Texas is 17.5% which is a huge number when it comes to this situation. There are many different causes of poverty in Texas. These include droughts and flooding’s, natural disasters, social inequality and even having to do with the government by having to afford primary healthcare, food, education, housing and essential goods. Health is a huge…
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