The Power Between Men And Women

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Women back then were expected to care for the children and the household. They were not allowed to vote and interfere in politics. The power between men and women was unequal and unfair. During the revolutionary, the women became a little more involved in politics; they became more patriotic. As the U.S. was declaring its independence from Britain, some women had hopes for change in the Early Republic. Abigail Adams wrote to her husband to “Remember the ladies” and provide women with opportunities and rights as well. After the forming of the Early Republic, marriage supported the dependency of women on their husbands, some religious organizations provided women with opportunities in the church, and rise of female education. These changes led women to eventually seek social justice. Once women married, they became completely dependent on their husbands. They were required to follow their husband’s orders. They were not allowed to have property; if they owned property, it legally became the husband’s property. They were also not able to make any contracts or hold wages. Those rights were the husband’s and he would decide how and what to do with it. All these actions restricted women’s rights in marriage. They upheld no rights in their marriage and had no voice. Many women and other fellow men recognized the injustices and began to speak against the unequal power held within marriage. “An opinion still prevails, even in civilized countries, that woman should be little more

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