The Power Of Education In Nat Turner By Kyle Baker

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Graphic novels such as Nat Turner by Kyle Baker challenges the ways in which notable traditional novels refer to slavery by using panels to convey his message on the topic more explicitly. Kyle Baker discloses the power of learning contrasted with the disempowerment of not being educated by using powerful graphics. In the graphic novel, slaves were told who to be and how to be. Their opinions were never heard nor asked. Since birth, they had someone who told them that learning was forbidden for their kind. By showing the reader the state of the slaves, Kyle Baker introduces ignorance as a key factor to controlling individuals into accepting what they are told without questioning whether is right or wrong. It makes people weak and more likely to be manipulated. Baker also introduces the idea of how much power knowledge can give to an individual. Knowledge is power because what you have learned cannot be taken away – it can only be enhanced. Without knowledge, there would be no disobedience to an unjust act. Baker depicts the idea that knowledge is power through Nat Turner, who discovered different worlds through reading, became more eager to learn, and used what he had learned from his readings to become a leader. The chapter “Education” is an important chapter for this novel because it shows who was allowed to be educated, who was not, the benefits of being educated and the consequences.

For the slaves in the graphic novel, lack of awareness was not a choice, it was a

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