The Power Of Power In Theseus And Cupid And Psyche

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In Greek mythology, power is used negatively for their own advantage, however, in some parts of the stories, power is used positively to help others as well. The text Mythology, by Edith Hamilton, includes the history as well as the classic myths of Greek Mythology. Power is demonstrated both positively and negatively in the stories of “Theseus” and “Cupid and Psyche”. Some characters with power and status use their control for jealous intentions and revenge whereas, others use it for the greater good of others. Firstly, characters such as Theseus and Jupiter use their power positively towards other people. Other higher status personalities, such as King Aegeus and Psyche’s elder sisters, use their power negatively due to jealousy. Similarly, Minos and Venus use their power for revenge against those who take something dear to themselves. Most characters use their power negatively, however, there is evidence characters use their power selfishly, some use their power responsibly. Theseus and his father, King Aegeus made a promise that when Theseus returns to Athens he will change the sail of his ship from black to white to confirm that he is alive. On his way back to Athens, Theseus forgets to change to ships sail. King Aegeus notices the black flag and thinks that Theseus is dead and decides to kill himself. “So Theseus became King of Athens, a most wise and disinterested king. He declared to the people that he did not wish to rule over them; he wanted a people’s government
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