The Power Of The Church In The Middle Ages

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In the middle ages it consisted of many things that took much power in the church. It is called that in the Middle Ages the period from the fall of the Western Roman Empire, in 476 AD, to the discovery of America, in the year 1492. During this period the political, economic and social life revolved around to the possession of the land. This period is known as the feudal period. Many landscape data from its protection to forms of communication were very interesting at that time. It is very important to recognize all these ideas that remained in the Middle Ages. Things like the ports were consolidating their commercial importance, especially at the end of the middle ages, the important technological innovations that were developed. The communication was made by means of human beings and animals. It was very common for the main roads to be guarded, due to frequent assaults. Then as the construction of the castles were developed and established in those times. It is very interesting how they maintained all these things. I also cannot forget how difficult and how important was the work of the church and its power. The Pope was like the ruler of the people and was a higher point of the emperor. Seeing how important the power of the church was in this work and comparing it nowadays. It is seen that now the church is for those who follow it and not many people see the importance that remains the church and the power of the Pope. I would still like to try to understand how the power

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