The Power Of Truth InA Monster Calls By Patrick Ness

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How can the truth hurt and heal? Tuth, a contradictory term, unveils many sides to a story; in some cases blurring the barrier between right and wrong. The novel, A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness reveals the power of truth through the story of a young boy named Connor. Struggling to come to terms with his mother’s fatal illness, Connor is guided by an ancient yew tree monster, who helps him find peace within the toxic truth that plagued him through his mom's sickness. The monster is a symbol for healing, truth, and the grieving process. Through these multiple levels of symbolism, the philosophical message conveyed is coming to terms with the truth is important for facing difficulties and letting someone go. Grief is a painful process …show more content…

The next stage of grief Connor passes is anger due to the perceptions and treatments of peers and teachers. Connor gives up on school work and becomes isolated. He is angry because people only think of his mom’s cancer while seeing him. In school he is not reprimanded for missing work, instead is given the redundant phrase of “what purpose could that possibly serve” from his teachers and family. Adults feel as if punishment is unnecessary because he is already suffering enough. Connor desperately wants to be treated like any normal child, turning to violence and anger in hopes of getting in trouble; however these acts still prevent punishment. Connor becomes angry because it is apparent to him people do not believe his mom will live except him. He desperately wants them to understand however he continues to lie to himself. In the end of the book Connor is finally brave enough to face his nightmare and come to terms with the truth through the help of the monster. Although afraid to say what happened in his nightmare Connor admitted he knew all along his mom was not going to make it, lying to himself because he felt guilty for wanting her to go. His guilt not only distanced him from his mom, it also would not let him come to terms with the truth. The monster’s stories hold symbolic meaning within Connor’s life, such as the story of the Apothecary. In this story the

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