The Power and Protection of Religious Liberty Essay examples

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Religious liberty is a basic human right which is related to people’s daily life. When it comes to the question that whether Religious liberty should be protected by specific provisions or general provisions, people have divergent opinions. I agree that religious liberty should be protect by specific provisions including national law and international law. I have several reasons to explain it. 【Key Words】religious liberty, constructional law, human right The power and the order of the common customs can not bring human beings with the inner peace. As a mysterious power , religion can solve the problem which can not be solved by the science and technology. When the science and knowledge can not explain all the confusion in this world, …show more content…

According to the Netherland scholars’ analyze, among the 142 countries’ constitution, 61 countries involved the religious liberty while 64 countries involved religious and belief liberty. 2 countries’ constitution involved only belief liberty. As the first country set up this system, Unites states set the rules in its first constitutional amendment: Congress should not set the law which prohibit the religious liberty or establish a religion. United states has there principles of religious liberty. First, the principle of the separation of church and state. Building a block between the church and the states, separate them, so the states can not interfere the religion liberty of people. The meaning of this article in first constitutional amendment is that no matter the states’government or the federal government, they should not set a church, they should not show partiality for one religion or discriminate another one, they should not force anyone to believe or disbelieve one religion.The government can not participate in the affairs of any religious organization. The chief judge bring the three standards for this principle, which indicates that the law must let the government not be involved in religion intensively. Second, the principle of religious belief liberty is absolute. There is difference between religious action liberty and the belief liberty.United states sets the principle of the belief

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