The Practice of Code Switching

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In a multilingual or bilingual environment, use of code switching is a common practice. This research aims at finding the attitude of students towards code switching on daily conversation. Nipel (2006) investigates social culture linguistics where students frequently use code switching a lot as not to break a conversation that they are participating in. Therefore, code switching is always used by students who are from the same area and speak the same language. The definition of code switching has been suggested by many researchers in the past. For example, Wardhaugh (2006) in his book defined code switching as switching from one code to another in order to create a new code. In other words, it is defined as a form of identity marker for a group of speakers who use more than one language. Moreover, Myers-Scotton (2006) defined code switching as the use of two different language types in a single or same conversation. Therefore, code-switching is the collocation within the same conversation between two people who use different grammatical systems while participating in the conversation. Code-Switching occurs when two languages are used in one interaction session between two bilingual speakers (Young, 2014). Code Switching is mostly used in cases where there is maintenance of two codes in one language used for communication (Olugbara, 2008). In this literature study, occurrence of code switching among students is evident in the context of the classroom with students from

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