The Prank Day: The Best Day Of My Life

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“It was a heavily awaited day.” I said. We had been waiting for this day for the entire academic year. That day was like a reward for the struggles that the students had experienced in the course of the year, from deadlines, to punishments, to homework all of which would be compensated for by the teachers on this one day. “Kids, the day was… Prank Day.” The day in which students have the authority to pull the ugliest, meanest and the scariest pranks on any person that they aspire to. The day was dreaded my teachers and awaited by the students. This was the only day in the year when the teachers were considered inferior to the students. I remember how I was up the night before waiting for my alarm to ring so that I could rush out of my bed and …show more content…

We continued to play ruthless pranks on the teachers and the students who had tortured us over the course of the year. For us it was redemption for all the HW assignments and tests that we had received over the course of the year. I was turning out to be the best day of my life but then…

My friends and I were having the times of our lives when much to our sadness the bell rang and it was time to go home. A loud “Uhhhh” broke out in the background. Dejectedly we started moving towards the school exit when suddenly I felt the urge of pulling one more prank just to add the icing to the cake. We were walking down the stairwell when I saw a teacher ahead of us . I whispered into Dave’s ear the prank that I was about to pull on the teacher. Dave looked at me with a face of shock and started discouraging from pulling the prank.But still because of my stubbornness I decided to go ahead with the prank. I noticed a fire alarm , one floor down and slowly started walking towards it. I walked up towards it and realised that the teacher was just a few strides ahead of me. I went near the alarm and waited until there was considerable distance between me and the

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