The Prayer Of The Mosque

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The first reason you will probably be surprised will be by the place itself. Whilst many mosques seem grand and splendid from the outside, there is, in fact, very little to see inside a mosque. The prayer hall, where the public worship takes place five times a day, is actually very plain, because of the nature of Islam itself. You will find no statues, nor paintings, nor depictive stained glass. There is no altar, nor elaborate robes, nor candlesticks.

The prayer space will be carpeted and clean, since people will be putting their foreheads on the ground in worship of their Creator. In some of the grander mosques, these carpets may be works of art in themselves, but most mosques just have a simple carpet of one color, with horizontal lines showing the places for the rows of prayer.

There will be two other necessary features in the mosque. The direction of Makkah, in which all Muslims have been commanded to pray by Allah Almighty, will be obvious by the mihrab, which is usually a small niche in the wall, indicating the direction of prayer.

At one time, Muslims used to pray in the direction of Jerusalem, but Allah Almighty revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he was taken by night to Al-Aqsa Mosque, that the prayer direction from that moment on would be the Kabah in Makkah.

By the way, Muslims don 't worship the Kabah. It can do them neither good nor harm but, as the first house built on earth in worship of Allah, it is the unified direction in which

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