The Preservation Of The Confederate Memory Lives On Through The Robert E. Lee Memorial Essay

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The Preservation of the Confederate Memory lives on through the Robert E. Lee memorial in Richmond. Many historians have written about the monument of Robert E. Lee and his importance to the preservation of Confederate Memory. But, recently a major debate surrounding the monument has spurred an argument between two groups. One group wants the monument to be removed or relocated from its original spot in Richmond V.A. This group believes that it is an offensive symbol in support of slavery. The other group fights to protect the monument and its location because of its importance to the southern heritage. However, trying to understand the significance of the monument requires one to look through the lenses of both groups. In order to understand this debate, we first need to understand the historical context of Confederate Memory and the Lost Cause. The Lost Cause of the Confederates has continued to impact the lives of many people in the United States. The Lost Cause was created by white southerners after the Civil War. Needing a belief to fill a void after the valiant loss, these southerners took pride that the war was a glorious and heroic effort against great odds. However, the history surrounding the Lost Cause is tainted by the memory of slavery. Slavery was a major factor in the civil war, however, many supporters of the Lost Cause do not recognize that slavery was the driving factor of the war. But, instead they consider the Civil War was based on the preservation of

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