The President Of The Cold War Essay

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A Unique and Extraordinary Moment
Gorbachev, Reagan, Bush, and the End of the Cold War, 1981-1991
Even though the United States and Soviet Russia have faced nuclear crisis several times, they have finally compromised that they would end the Cold War. The President of the United State, Donald Reagan and Soviet Russia Leader Mikhail Gorbachev declared that the US and Soviet Russia is old friend and the Cold War was ended.
Donald Reagan is known as an extraordinary president because of his character and his practices. He was a radio speaker and actor. He produced several training movies for the air force. He became the president of the United States in 1981 by unseating the former president Jimmy Carter. Even though he had had no experience about foreign policy, he believed that communism is the most important enemy and it must be destroyed. He thought that he should empower military and increase military arsenal to defeat Soviet Russia. In his opinion, the US should increase its military investment. Therefore, Soviet Russia would have to surrender and accept disarmament. His foreign policy was idealistic and instinctive unilateralism but it was pragmatic too.
On the other hand, his policies about Middle East was unclear and included many weaknesses. During the Lebanese Civil War in 1983, he decided to intervene. However, the US army lost its 250-marine troop.
During his presidency, he attempted to apply his doctrine. According to Reagan Doctrine, the US has supported the

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