The Pressure On My Ears Built Up

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The pressure on my ears built up as we plummeted down. I blacked out. The next thing I saw was horrifying. People were motionless, blood trickling down their faces. A fire burned the remaining part of the plane. The pain piercing my leg was nothing compared to the confusion and panic building up inside me. I could feel the blood struggling to pulse through my veins. Dripping with sweat, I pulled my head up only to see that piece of glass was wedged into my tan leg. I tried looking around for somebody that could help,or even anybody that was alive, but the faces of the lifeless bodies were overwhelming and terrifying. The alarming idea came to me as a possibility at first, but as I yelled for hours, propped up on my elbows, it became more and more evident that nobody was going to come and help. That maybe I was the only one who survived the Delta plane crash. The realization hit, and in an instant I stopped yelling. I lay back down on the scorching,soft sand, covered my face with my hands and sobbed. I sobbed because all of the people around me were not going to live the rest of their lives. Because I was either going to die or spend my life on this island, missing. This was definitely real and I was definitely alone.
Just then, I heard something. Glancing towards the source of the sound, I saw a pair of bare feet scuttling behind a couple of bushes. They moved a little bit towards me, and I realized that I wasn’t alone. Somebody was here.
“Hey! HEY! Are you deaf? Help me!…
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