The Prevention Of Hiv / Aids

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When turning on the television to the news station, reporters talk about an outbreak somewhere in the world, commonly in the impoverished countries of Africa. Photos and videos of sick beings with their children watching them from a distance fill the screen. Families weep as they watch their sick loved one become a number on a list of people who have contracted that disease. I think we can all agree that seeing our news stations filled with explicit photos and videos of sick human beings does not satisfy anyone, but rather gives us an unsettling feeling. If someone has a productive solution that will stop the transmission of these deadly diseases among Africans, the proposal should be made. Not only should this idea resolve the …show more content…

I propose to eliminate this problem entirely, and not only for the humans living in Sub-Saharan Africa and other disease ridden countries in Africa, I propose to eliminate this problem from spreading to other countries nearby as well. Not only will my proposal eliminate the diseased in large areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa, it will also decrease the hungry people throughout the world. No one will have to worry about the young becoming ill due to dangerous diseases and healthier countries outside of disease stricken areas in Africa will be able to focus on their own, fewer diseased people. After eliminating the problems in Africa, countries should only focus on their own people, and the spread of the diseases will decrease with less people to treat. With modern vaccinations here in the United States and in many other modernized countries, population-threatening diseases are less likely to spread and wipe out the world. With limited or no access to these vaccines, countries, like the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and others nearby, diseases (especially new diseases or old, forgotten diseases that don’t have a vaccine or cure) are more likely to spread with their lack of personal hygiene and clean water. Sending out medical professionals or volunteers from other countries increases risk of infecting the helpers and spreading the

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