Ebola Outbreak By And A Mask On The Face Of Death By Seltzer

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In both Ebola Outbreak by Dabbous and A mask on the Face of Death by Seltzer they discuss the social and political problems contributing to the spread of Ebola and HIV/AIDS. These Epidemics continue to spread thought out the world to millions of people. The main areas that these diseases began to spread began in very poverty stricken countries. Not only did poverty play a role in the spread but both Dabbous and Seltzer pointed out the lack of education in the area which leads people to easily be manipulated by stories about the diseases. The cultural practices in these areas contribute majorly to the spread of the Ebola and the AIDS virus. These viruses continue to spread to other parts of the world and is hard to contain to a specific location. Dabbous talked about traditions in the culture in the area. During the funeral it was tradition to touch the body of the Dead. Even though the person is dead the Ebola virus is still very contagious. Just by touching the body the virus can be spread to the next victim. Many West African cultures attribute illness to causes that are unrecognized by western medicine such as ancestral influence, disruption of customs and social relationships, spirit possession, witchcraft and affliction by gods. The people of Haiti also had traditions that helped spread the HIV/AIDS virus at the age of fourteen like all of the Haitian boys, they are brought to a brothel for their rite de passage. This contributes to spreading the AIDS virus since

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