The Principles Of The Code Of Ethics Of A Company

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University of the Ozarks Lesson Plan Instructor: Henry Marín Grade Level: High School Lesson Title: Introduction to Business Alignment of Goal, Objectives, and Strands Teacher Goal: to introduce business concepts to create social responsibility through a variety of learning activities such as role plays, worksheets, and hands on activities. Objectives: Students will be able to select and justify their top three business principles after teaching them the seven principles of the code of ethics of a company. Students will be able to individually explain the direct relationship that exists between a code of ethics and how it plays out with social responsibility. Students will understand and therefore recall specific principles they would…show more content…
Then, the instructor will show them a picture and will have them think about it; afterwards, the instructor will ask the students how the picture relates to business concepts and social responsibility. Anticipatory Set In order to prepare students for the lesson, the instructor will explain them that they will be working with business concepts and their importance for them as future business entrepreneurs. Pre-Assessment In order to determine the student’s prior knowledge, the instructor will ask them a couple of questions such as “Why do companies have a Code of Ethics?” and “What do you think it is the most important principle in a company?” “Learning Activities/Lesson Lesson Purpose: The lesson will serve to create social responsibility through business concepts, and to make the audience aware of how much of an impact a code of ethics has when referring to the well-being of a company. Also, the lesson has been designed to make students understand and be able to apply concepts such as integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism, and diligence, and the role these principles have in a community, regardless of the its size, orientation, or market segmentation. Planned Activities The lesson will be introduced by the instructor’s presentation to the students, followed by an individual activity where students’ participation will be required. The activity consists in showing the audience a picture that involves different
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