The Priorities And Objectives Of COMESA

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Priorities and Objectives of COMESA The Treaty establishing COMESA binds together free independent sovereign States which have agreed to co-operate in exploiting their natural and human resources for the common good of all their people. In attaining that goal, COMESA recognises that peace, security and stability are basic factors in providing investment, development, trade and regional economic integration. Experience has shown that civil strives; political instabilities and cross-border disputes in the region have seriously affected the ability of the countries to develop their individual economies as well as their capacity to participate and take full advantage of the regional integration arrangement under COMESA. It has now been fully accepted…show more content…
The aims and objectives of COMESA have been designed so as to remove the structural and institutional weaknesses in the member States by pooling their resources together in order to sustain their development efforts either individually or collectively. These are as follows: • to attain sustainable growth and development of the member States by promoting a more balanced and harmonious development of its production and marketing structures; • to promote joint development in all fields of economic activity and the joint adoption of macro -economic policies and programmes; to raise the standard of living of its peoples, and to foster closer relations among its member
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