The Privacy And National Security

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Do you think privacy or national security is an important factor in our daily lives? In this day and age the question of whether privacy or national security is more important comes up a lot, and many raise valid arguments for both sides. Privacy is an important factor in our daily life. Yet, majority of our privacy are being invaded by national security at times to keep us secure. Without national security, majority of our privacy would change everything that should be private, will now be invaded. Many people do not realize that privacy is not a privilege, but instead a right, and should never be enforced as something we have no advantage to. Unless, people choose themselves to disclose their personal information that was being kept from others. Then again, their information should not be exposed due to the fact it is not for the people to know. The line between both can be very thin, and many people feel that national security has no right to ever invade privacy because the people do not trust the government intentions. There are three important areas in our lives which we think are “private”, are actually being monitored by our U.S department of national security. First, is our cell phone. Second, the internet. Lastly, travel documentations. Many people complain about cell phones getting tapped by the government. Little do they know, with the government tapping into our cell phones by recording/ documenting our conversations and text messages helped saved a lot of…
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