The Problem For The Nhs

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A nurse said to me recently that the main problem for the NHS is Holby City; oh I think she meant obesity. Yes, the ban leaves a bitter taste in my mouth... even though... In July, I was targeted by a sugary drink, it bombed me from a great height, it landed a couple of feet away, like a cluster bomb I was covered; alas I recall the stickiness was decidedly vile. I turned the air blue in response... "how I hate sugary drinks." I suspect a sugar addicted fiend was the culprit; high as a kite no doubt. Maybe Tesco 's marketing team were subjected to a summer of sugar-y attacks by spotty yobs who sugar rushed about on sugar-powered scooters. How I long for the days when our future generation simply 'chillaxd ' on 'Morrissey ' or were semi comatose on smoking weeds from the wastelands: "yeeah, zis is mean man; tastes of bonfire." 43 Tesco stores have closed this past year on the back of fraudulent financing projections, designed to dupe shareholders and investors. You could denote that the brand has been forced to restructure of unprecedented proportions going into 2016 - therefore offering an ethical feel good kick for their consumers i.e. ban sugary drinks due to UK 's obesity conundrum. Those who 're marketing-savvy knew the 10 point plan was in the pipeline - albeit, it 's a headline catcher, leaning on the bandwagon wheel of novice do-good reporting. The real balance is, whether or not Tesco is introducing 'healthier ' options across the spectrum (not including

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