The Problem Of A Salesman

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The term salesman is synonymous, with being less than honest or sleazy often times being considered rip off artists. Salesman get a bad rap more times than not, most people think of salesman as an old used cars salesman who only think about the bottom dollar. Not the big picture of how salesman make the world go around, when it comes to supply and demand. A salesman can mean many different jobs especially in the 21st century. Everyone is a salesman no matter what job a person may have, for example a teacher is a salesman. How is that you ask? A teacher pitches ( a term used in the sales community to describe the product they are selling) a student every time they are trying to teach the student a new way of learning. A teacher is selling students on different ways to study or retain knowledge. This is a form of selling. When a doctor tells a patient to excise and to go on a diet, the doctor is selling the patient on living a healthier life. Ponder that for a minute…. This is an honest salesman journey to help improve the knowledge, understanding and need for local marketing in the 21st century. Natalie a small business owner in Tucson, Arizona never took the time to market her business nor did she have any of knowledge or the extreme impact internet marketing had on a business in the year 2012. Set in her ways who had been operating her business the same way for twenty years, and change made her weary. Natalie owns a prickly pear cactus juice business, The Arizona
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