The Problem Of African American Educational Achievement

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There are many discrepancies about the underlying causes of the problem of African American educational achievement. Measures of academic achievement in education show that African Americans are trailing their White counterparts, especially in higher education (Aronson, 2002). Numerous factors that affect academic achievement, affordability, financial aid, support of family. African American students are frequently stereotyped and spend a great deal of time establishing their academic credibility and rapport in the classroom. The challenges encountered in academic and social life on campuses is the result of the scrutiny that black students face when it comes to their intellectual ability. The need to validate their intellectual competence in the classroom to White peers and to faculty derive from stereotypes or comments from non-Blacks about the Black community (Fres-Brit, 2002). Whether women of color choose to attend a particular institution because of its ability to satisfy a desire to be in a predominantly Black environment, or because of the quality of education a particular institution offers, they can benefit in numerous respects when it comes to academic and career achievement. Understanding the variety of factors that contribute to Black students’ success requires researchers to examine resiliency from multifaceted perspectives (Bentley, 2015). In a space where black bodies and female bodies are considered “space invaders”, social scientist Nirmal Puwar, explains
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