The Problem Of Deforestation

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Deforestation is an underrated environmental issue! It has many problems that most people are failing to acknowledge, there are so many complications circling around it that are not being talk about as often as it should be. Deforestation contributes to other environmental issues that are going on in our earth, such as global warming. Deforestation is damaging our world slowly every day. Deforestation is ruining thousands maybe millions of species' habitats and it's even causing pollution, so I have listed some simple ways to help reduce it. Wildlife and Nature are being affected in so many ways and deforestation is definitely not helping. Some may think that deforestation only affects trees, but that's false, when the tree drops it destroys so many plants. When many trees drop the plants gets crushed and that ties in with the destruction of thousands and thousands of species' habitats. Plants can be habitats to many species like insects and many animals feed off of those plants that are getting destroyed. On it states that 80% of land animals and plants live in the forest, so if they were to cut down a section of that forest many animals would be homeless. Many people would also forget to acknowledge that animals are getting hurt. The workers who cut down trees may check if there are animals on or in the tree at first, but an animal can easily hop back on the tree and they won't realize. Also, when the trees come down they could fall over an

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