The Problem Of Genetically Modified Food

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A world where all your food was flavorful and healthy, big and ripe. No more shortage of food or worries about processed food, a utopia for food. But, a Utopia is only a fantasy, a fantasy is not reality. Genetically modified (GM) foods is starting to become more and more of a reality. But, with that reality comes the choice of should it be done; even though genetically modified food has positive effects, there are also negative effects that cannot be overlooked, such as cost, also the negative effects to the ecosystem, and insufficient testing. Starting off the with expensive cost of GM foods, GM foods started off as a means to stop world hunger, as stated in “Genetically Modified Food” (), “the high cost of development … results in …show more content…

Not only that, but from within the same article the following was stated, “Research that alters the genes of insects and grains to have a higher fight resistance… could introduce mutations in nature that modify entire populations of animals and plants… potentially destabilizing the food chain and allowing other species to invade” (Santini 7). Changing plants and crops change the diet of other animals. Some animals won 't be able to eat their normal diet so they would have to travel into new areas, which in turn would also change the area’s food chain system; predators become prey, prey now have more animals that they have to avoid, and there would be an increase of lack of habitation per specific areas due to the new invasive species. All effects that will disrupt the food chain. Lastly, from the article “Genetically modified organism” (Ana) “... The crops are likely to contain greater herbicide residue; and increased spraying contaminates the rest of the environment… Also if genes added to produce pesticide resistance in crops jumped to weed species, then weeds would thrive and be difficult to control” (24). Inevitably, when genes that let crops survive in harsh conditions are transformed to weeds, then the newly altered weed will be harder to control or kill. Also, farmers will get too confident on the crops ability to survive herbicides that they will spray more to attempt to kill weeds, but will only result in adding and leaving

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