The Problem Of Police Abuse Of Authority

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Police abuse of authority is described as any action by a police officer without regard to motive, intent, or malice that tends to injure, insult, tread on human dignity, manifest feelings of inferiority, and/or violate an inherent legal right of a member of the public (ABUSE OF AUTHORITY BY POLICE). The police is supposed to be an outlet for help in anyone's time of danger, yet at times they seem to be the cause of the danger. A lot of people get scared or nervous when they see a policeman, this is not the feeling that should come when ¨safety¨ is around. The group of people that should be greatly trusted are sadly one of the most feared. Abuse of authority by poloicemen is a concerning issue that should be stopped or at least lessened with the attempt of using simple solutions.
The problem of police brutality has been around long before 2017, the problem has just grown and spread as time went on. For example since the early 1990s, police violence has become perhaps the most widely discussed and debated form of abuse committed by police (ABUSE OF AUTHORITY BY POLICE). Violence is definitely not the only type of abuse that can be brought forward by the police. Along with the well known physical and verbal abuse there are other forms of abuse that are usually looked over. Custodial coercion is brutality that occurs after an arrest has been made, generally during the interrogation process (ABUSE OF AUTHORITY BY POLICE). There are so many opportunities and ways the law has to

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