The Problem Of Poverty In America

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Poverty is a social problem that has increased the risk of poor health and criminal activity in the United States of America. Consequently, poverty is different from other social problems, as a result; it affects people in different ways, and it limits development of people’s skills, ability, knowledge, and everything about them. A social problem is a social condition or pattern of behavior that affects some individuals or all people in the society. According to Kendall (2013) social problem is systematically disadvantage or harm a significant group of individual or when they are seen as harmful by groups of people that wield power, wealth, and influence in a group or society. Additionally, problems that harm a significant number of people include violence, fear of crime, environmental pollution, and inadequate access to health. However, there are some problems that occur in the society, not all these problems meet the proof to be defined as a social problem. Pursuing this further, not all circumstances occurring today in the society can be easily changed.
Poverty has been a global social problem which affects individuals all over the world. The economic research suggestion regarding poverty in America suggests (2005) about 37 million people, approximately 13 percent of the total population, lived …show more content…

Providing program that targets the unemployed people and willing to work. Furthermore, government should invest in jobs and policies to increase minimum wages and provide economic security to families in both the short and long term. The Congress to create policy choices that will put wealth and income into the hands of the poor income families (Bartolomeo,

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