The Problem Of Prison Overcrowding

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Have you ever noticed the serious issue of prison overcrowding? Growth of prison inmates over the years. Since the late 1900 's the prisons have been filling rapidly and that has caused a huge problems in the 2000 's. Overcrowding is not as easy of a fix that everyone thinks it is there is way more to it and it is way more complex. There are many reason that the inmate population continues to grow. Throughout the years, there has been a huge debate on ways to lower crime rate so there won 't be as much people becoming inmates. Since the prohibition era, jails and prisons have took a huge jump in there population.There are many reason for these causes and very little is being done. Some of these causes are there are many repeat offenders …show more content…

For instance conflicts begin because the inmates start competing for programs that have limited space and this can cause many problems because inmates can start fighting and can lead to many more things. With more people incarcerated there is a smaller chance that they will be able to attend certain rehabilitation classes. There is usually a few different type of programs vocational,academic and employment programs. These programs are paid by people like myself, the taxpayers pay for these programs so when the prisoners are released they have education and work experience. Most of the people going through the system are young males who have struggled their whole life and sadly but, true the stats show that most of theses males are minorities. Unfortunately, the worst part of overcrowding isn 't the competing. Usually when overcrowding starts other things start to happen in the walls of the jail any things happen when a prison is overcrowded but, especially murders and suicides . When you 're not in between the prison walls yourself you just think that a prison is where people go to serve their time while reality people are being killed everyday.although there is many other problems this is one of the many problems that happen.
Problems are becoming overwhelming and there is an enormous return rate for prisoners. Once an inmate is released from prison they most likely are going to return to their old

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