The Problem Of Tour Information

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As a whole, I believe the site quite easy to guide your way through all sections of the site, as everything is very clear and has its own space in plain sight. The only negative is the lack of tour information. By viewing the site, it comes apparent that the band want to portray an image that says “we are old, we are modern, and we know what we are doing”. They show a rugged edge with their lack of color use on the site, but this adds to the feel of what music they play. With the image that the band wants to put out there, comes the fans that the band wants to attract. It appears that the band is not trying to put themselves out there any more, as they are quite old. So I believe that they are not actively trying to bring in new fans. But they know that they will be heard by new people, and so they share their music for free on their own site. I do not know how often the site is updated, so this could have been a different story a couple years ago. But in 2014, when the site was last updated, the site is aimed towards those who have already heard their music. They do not shove any information right in your face on the home page, rather they leave the home page blank to show an image of the fun they had on stage. Punk is a genre that was typically aimed towards the angry middle-class white male. But today there is a wider acceptance towards women in the punk scene. As Lauren Langman, in her paper presents, “angrier working-class youth were more likely to wear black

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