The Problem Of Underage Drinking

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Paying the Fiddler in Lives
In order to fully understand the threat that underage drinking poses to our country, it is important to realize just how commonplace this sort of inebriation has become. As a result of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a way of monitoring habits among teens, the Center for Disease Control (or CDC) found that nearly thirty-five percent of students had consumed alcohol within one month of taking the questionnaire (Adolescent 1). Statistics revealing widespread intoxication among minors are inherently concerning, since each new drinker is another potential victim of alcohol poisoning, dependence, or one of the many other dangers that drinkers face. Our reaction must be to actively oppose this situation, because although dilemmas of this scale cannot be remedied overnight, and conquering them is no simple task, we are all responsible for leading the charge. Alcohol-related juvenile casualties have plagued this country for too long; in order to save our communities and families from having to face this tragedy, progressive counseling efforts, extensive family outreach and training programs, and a resounding cry for Medical Amnesty laws are the best ways to diminish the death-toll. A major part of the difficulty in the fight against underage liquor consumption is that, as the CDC statistic in the opening paragraph suggests, the practice has become extremely widespread among our youth. In the year 2003 alone, roughly 7.4 million high schoolers

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