The Problems of Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction A reasonable number of people do not understand why other people get addicted to drugs. Some even associate drug abuse and addiction with lack of moral principles or willpower. People subscribing to this school of thought believe that drug addicts can stop using drugs by simply changing their behavior. They fail to realize that drug addiction is a complex disease whose eradication calls for many things other than changing habits. Drugs basically change the way a human brain works. Drug addiction like any other disease can be treated and addicts helped to lead productive lives (Office of National Drug Control Policy, 2004). Drug addiction has far reaching ramifications on individuals and society. It leads to decline in productivity and a surge in health and crime related costs. In the United States, these costs exceed $600 billion annually. These costs include $181 billion for illicit drugs, $193 billion for tobacco, and $235 billion for alcohol. These costs do not bring into perspective the breadth of destructive public health and safety implication of drug abuse and addiction like family breakages; loss of employment; failure in school; domestic violence; and child abuse which are not factored in (Office of National Drug Control Policy, 2004). Decision to take drugs is normally voluntary. However, changes in brain after protracted use makes one to loose self control and ability to resist intense impulses that urges him to take drugs. Drug's

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