The Process of Packet Meat in Wenonah Hauter´s Foodpoly Essay

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We do not take in consideration on where our meat comes from and how they treat the animals. People do not know how the process is from slaughtering a cow to the meat that you buy in your neighborhood market. In the book Foodopoly, Wenonah Hauter argues that there is a misrepresentation on what truly happens in the meatpacking industry, hog industry, the impact on small farmers, and how the working conditions are for the meat packing industry workers. World Wide Sires, Cooperative Resources International, and ABS Global are the three companies that dominate the meat packaging industry. Hauter (2012) argues that over the past two decades meat production and packaging has become more monopolize (157). This argument was possible because …show more content…

The fumes and accumulating waste that is pumped into lagoons are constantly leaking out and are polluting the local waterways. The pollutions and fumes are also causing people to become sick and choke from the toxic air. In 1992, family farms would control seventy percent of the hogs that were raised on their farms for consumption (173). By the year of 2007, ninety-five percent of the hog productions were from factory farms (173). This only left 5 percent to small family farms to raise their animals in the way they want it to be. Hauter (2012) argues “ the number of small family-famed hog operations in Missouri dropped from 23,000 in 1985 to 3,000 large ones in 2007, a decline of 87 percent” (180). Even though there has been a dropped in family farm business the number of hogs grown in the state has remained constant. The working conditions that the meatpacking industry is horrendous for the workers and many of them suffer a lot to keep their job. Hauter (2012) argues “according to the “Packaged with Abuse: Safety and Health Conditions….”, Smithfield has engaged in abusive labor practices in several ways” (184). The reported claims from the workers are carpal tunnel syndrome, contusions, blunt traumas from slipping and falling on wet floors, cuts and puncture, infections causing the fingernail to separate from the figure, fractures, amputations, burns, hernias, rashes, and swelling (185). Smithfield has also been

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